“Bringing dessert flavors to life.”

Teazert Tea brings you dessert flavors.
We are redefining the culture for how tea should be enjoyed. We are reinventing and redesigning the ways tea is consumed by changing the game with a unique lineup of delicious dessert flavors with zero to low-calorie options. Instead of consuming unnecessary calories, sugars, and fat, you have the best opportunity to go for a dessert tea. With this new collection of dessert flavors and health benefits, they seem to be the perfect alternative if you are looking to lose weight, reduce stress, and feel better overall. It is the best time for a new approach. It’s an entirely new way to enjoy tea.

About The Founder

The business was founded by Kay in 2021. Her tea and dessert passion enabled her to initiate this exciting blend of tea with dessert flavors independently. Her life is all about developing new teas and flavors, and she knows all about it.

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